Do you hear hissing or thumping when you flush? Do you need more than a single flush to empty the bowl? The most typical problem is the flapper, fill valve or flush valve. Here are some tips on how to identify the problem. If you are needing assistance fixing your broken toilet or any other plumbing issue, call R&R Plumbing. We offer affordable service.

Toilet Noise

Ghost Flusing: Ghost flushing is when your toilet flush intermittently and cycling every few minutes?

Fill Valve Hiss: When you hear a constant noise like forced air rushing then this is called fill valve hiss.

Water Resonance: When you hear a noise like a toilet is flushing and you see water running during a flush, that noise is called water resonance.

Refilling Problems

When the tank takes too long to fill or it fills the bowl too high, you have a fill valve or flapper issue. Also, listen for a banging noise from your pipes. That is probably caused by a problem with your water supply.

Toilet Tank Does Not Fill or it is Slow to Fill

The typical reason that your valve to slow down filling the tank after a flush is dirt or the age of the value. Dirt that collects over time in the toilet tank, the valve, or the shut-off valve can slow down the tank fill. Also, watch out for valves that are over 7 years old. A flush valve’s parts wear out after 7 years.

Problems When The Toilet is Not In Use

When you hear a flush or refill sound when the toilet is not flushing or refilling, the issue may come from the fill valve. When you have regular leaks into the toilet bowl, you probably need a new toilet seal.

Toilet Making Refill Sounds When Not In Use

Sometimes you will hear the toilet refilling on its own. This sound can happen intermittently and occur every few minutes or every few hours. Such a refill sound is usually alerting you that your toilet is losing water. This can happen internally or externally leaking if you see water outside the toilet.

Some of the most common problems causing refill sounds

Your toilet has internal leaks. Water is leaking or draining into the toilet bowl.

Your toilet has external leaks.

Water visible to the rear of the toilet is most likely coming from the fill valve’s bottom. It can also come from the water supply line or the seals between the tank and the bowl (in 2 piece toilets).

Toilet Running Constantly

When the toilet is continuously running, determine if you have a fill valve or flush valve issue.

Turn the water supply to the toilet off. Then turn the water supply back on and look into the toilet’s tank. Check if the tank’s water level is still rising and spilling into the overflow pipe. If you still sees water running, clean the fill valve. If flushing debris does not resolve the issue, replace the fill valve or call R&R Plumbing.

Another problem you might find is dirt and debris stuck in the valve. This can happen at any time the water is on. It often occurs after a new installation. You could observe this problem a few days later or even months and years after installation.

Too Much Water In The Toilet Bowl

Replace the fill valves. Get a UPC certified fill valve and is designed to dispense water through the refill tube. This refill supplies water to the bowl during the filling cycle.

If you are needing assistance fixing your broken toilet or any other plumbing issue, call R&R Plumbing. We offer affordable service.